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ContactNow: Force logout an Agent as an Admin
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ContactNow: Force logout an Agent as an Admin


When an agent is logged in and you need to have them logged out the best approach is to have the Admin Force log them out and this document will define how this can be achieved.

Applies To

ContactNow, Force Logout, Agents, Status screen, Wallboard


To have an agent logged out it is advised to proceed with this action from the wallboard where you will see a list of logged in agents and have the action to force log them off.

1. Navigate to The Status page by clicking on the three stacked dots on the left menu bar. 

2. Once the page is loaded at times not all agents are displayed and it is advisable to click on the "Show/Hide Form" button to expand the filter options. 

3. Ensure that the "Team" drop-down list is set to "All" to list all agents.

Status   ContactNow (1).png

4. Once you have identified the logged in agent the agent's name becomes a link that you can click to access and actions page:

Agent Statistics.png

5. From this Agent Status Page, there is an action tab that will list the available actions to perform as seen in the above screenshot this should be selected to chose an action

6. Clicking the Force Logout button will log the agent out.

Additional Information

If you still can not identify the logged in agent Please contact the 8x8 support team for further assistance. It is extremely important to provide the support team with the Agent that is affected and the CLI of the phone that they are attempting to process the login from. Without this information, it is nearly impossible to identify the logged in agent.

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