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ContactNow: Manage agent specific callbacks as an agent
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ContactNow: Manage agent specific callbacks as an agent


To re-schedule callbacks, re-assign callbacks to other agents, or add them into a general callback pool.

Applies To

ContactNow, Agent Specific callbacks, Agent Callback Management, Agent dashboard


As an agent to manage your schedule callbacks following the below steps will help achieve this and can be accomplished from the agent dashboard:

  1. Click on the records name on the scheduled callback list to expand the possible options.
  2. There will be three icons. Click on the phone with the clock icon, which will expand a schedule callback re-assignment form.
  3. Change the Assignee to new callback owner, or Unassigned for general pool.
  4. Select the callback date and time, by default it is set to the current date and in one hour.
  5. Click Save.
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