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ContactNow: Unable to Login / Agent Already Logged On
8x8 Support

ContactNow: Unable to Login / Agent Already Logged On


You are trying to log in and you receive a message stating "That agent is already logged on". This is the result of your Agent ID already used by someone else or the Agent ID typed is not yours and belongs to another logged in agent.

Applies To

ContactNow, AOD login, desk phone login, softphone login


Things to check before contacting the 8x8 support team:

  • Ensure you are using the correct Agent ID and Passcode.
  • Check the Status board to confirm if that agent is already logged in and if they are, arrange for an admin to "force logout" the logged in agent.
  • Ensure all the keys are functional on the phone's dial pad.
Note: If all the above fail and you are certain that the ID is correct please contact 8x8 Support providing them with the affected Agent ID as well as the CLI of the phone you are using to log in and they will be able to assist further.