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ContactNow: API Access
8x8 Support

ContactNow: API Access


API's are a good solution to dynamically add leads and manage your contact Centre, this article will demonstrate how to obtain API credentials and useful links to API documentation.

Applies To

Contact Now API


To obtain API credentials you will have to:

  1. Contact the 8x8 support team requesting for an API account.
  2. Once they have provided the credentials the integration app or developer will have to use the provided credentials to obtain a token that can be used to process API calls (the credentials provided are simply a username and password).

You will find the API integration guide on

Endpoint To Use

Getting Started

  1. Set up a dataset within Contact Now (It is possible to create datasets via API but this keeps it simple).
  2. Generate a token using the credentials provided.
  3. Create a record in the dataset using:

And post the following Json data:

   "dataset": "6",

   "HomePhone": "01234567890",

   "MobilePhone": "",

   "WorkPhone": "",

   "callback": "0000-00-00 00:00:00",

   "title": "Ms",

   "firstname": "Joe",

   "lastname": "Bloggs",

   "address1": "Somewhere",

   "address2": "Somehow",

   "address3": "",

   "address4": "",

   "address5": "",

   "address6": "",

   "postcode": "AB3 4YZ"


Additional Information

  • Tokens created are limited to the IP address that obtained the token and can not be used on a machine that has a different IP address then that of the machine that requested the token.
  • The Token is only valid for 12 hours and should be renewed/requested within the expiry window. By default, users generate a new token for every API call used to ensure it is valid.
  • The response from the API call would indicate that the request success was true or false.
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