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ContactNow: Take A Call
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ContactNow: Take A Call

Incoming calls will be automatically answered if you are on Available status. If your status is on Idle, and all agents other available agents are busy, and if you have alerts switched on in the system, a notification will be displayed asking if you would like to accept or ignore the call. If a whisper has been set up for the queue, it will be played just before you are connected to the customer.

After accepting the call your status will change to On Call and the script will be displayed. If you have enabled the Switchboard, this will be displayed instead of the script. A second row of tabs will appear at the top of the page which will let you navigate to Record search, see the customer's details on their Customer record or view their History.


During a call, the phone icon will display the call actions. Here you can put the customer on holdtransfer the call, pause the call recording or start and stop a call highlight. At the end of the call you will be asked to disposition the call.

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