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ContactNow: Graphical Analytics - Interactions (Calls)
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ContactNow: Graphical Analytics - Interactions (Calls)

To access this report, hover over the Analytics icon from the Navigation menu and click on Calls then select Interactions.

Select a Date Range: The date and time picker on the right will allow you to select a date and time range for your report. You can manually select the date range or select from the pre-defined date ranges listed.
Add a Filter: Select the data you want to view, and exclude the data you do not wish to see.
Visualise Data on a Graph: View your report in either pie or line graph format.

Filters on Interactions report will provide data for the below variables:

  • Agent: Name of the agent that placed or received the call
  • Call type: Type of call placed or received
  • Agent Answer Machine Duration: The amount of time an agent has spent on a call where the call has been dispostioned to answer machine.
  • Average Talk Duration: Average time spent on a call, per call
  • Average Available Duration: Average time spent in available status
  • Average Idle Duration: Average time spent in idle status
  • Completes per Hour: Average number of completed records for each hour connected to the dialler OR on call
  • Sales vs Completes: Percentage of completed records that resulted in sales
  • Talk Duration: Total time spent on call (Talking to customers)
  • Total Calls: Total number of calls
  • Total Completes: Total number of completed records
  • Total DMCs: Total number of calls that reached a decision making contact
  • Online Time: Total time connected to the dialler
  • Total Sales: Total number of sales made
  • Idle Duration: Total time spent in idle status

Display data in a table: Deep dive into your reports and view your data in columns.
Export: Retrieve selected call reports in PDF, XLS and CSV format. All reports are printable by clicking Print report button.

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