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ContactNow: Edit an Agent
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ContactNow: Edit an Agent

To edit a team, hover over the Configuration icon from the Navigation bar and click Agents, Teams and Queues and select the Teams tab.

To edit a team, select the gear icon located on the right of the Team you want to edit and select Edit from the menu that appears. This will display the same pop-up screen described in Add a Team. Refer to the article for detailed instructions or see Manage Teams for more options concerning teams.

Select the agent you wish to edit, click on the gear icon and you will see a drop down list of options. Click Edit and you will see a screen as shown below.


  • User ID: The unique number of the agent. Each agent has own ID.
  • Username: Give agents an appropriate username. The username must be less than 25 characters.
  • Full Name: Enter the full name of the agent as the name will appear in the reports log.
  • Password: Password of the agent, the password can be edited or changed at any time.
  • AOD DDI: If the agent is using AOD (Agent on demand) then enter the DDI number into this and the calls will divert the calls into their phone.
  • AOD Lock: If you select this then AOD will only ring the specific DDI, even if the agent logs into AOD from a different phone. (useful for withheld phones)
  • Music: You can choose whether your agent can listen to the radio while waiting for calls to come through. List of radio stations are provided.
  • Agent Announcement: The agent announcement will be used if you wish for the customer to hear a short message for being put through to a particular agent.
  • Userfield: Enter the text you would like your agent to use in a script.
  • User Level: You can use the user level field to change the status level between agent, admin and supervisor.
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