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ContactNow: Predictive Dialling
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ContactNow: Predictive Dialling

In predictive dialling mode the system will dial multiple records simultaneously and connect answered calls to agents. Unanswered calls are automatically dispositioned as incomplete and will be dialled again.

The dialler uses a complex algorithm to keep agents as productive as possible without breaking compliance rules. It will dial more numbers than there are agents ahead of time so that as soon as an agent finishes one call they can move on to another. This is the most effective and efficient way of dialling large volumes of numbers.

If predictive dialling hits a 3 per cent abandon rate it slows the rate of calls being made to a one to one ratio, which then decreases the likelihood of an abandoned call.

To change your dialling mode hover over the Configuration icon, select Agents, Teams and Queues and then select the Queues tab. Click the gear icon on the right hand side of the outbound queue you wish to edit.


Then select the Settings tab, from here you will be able to change your dial mode to Predictive.


Once you have made your changes ensure you select Update.

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