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ContactNow: Set Call Retry Times
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ContactNow: Set Call Retry Times

Retry Times allow you to define how long the dialler should wait before another call is made to the same customer. There are several retry times that can be set based on the call result so you can customise which customers the dialler will try again sooner.

When are Retry times applied?

Retry times are used as the default callback time for all incomplete outcomes, unless an agent schedules a call manually when dispositioning a call. Retry times are respected by the dialler when it dispositions a record automatically, for example when an answer machine is detected.

Whenever a retry time is used only the time of the scheduled call is edited. All other properties, such as agent assignment, will not be affected. This means that Agent specific scheduled calls will remain assigned to the agent if a retry time is applied and the call will appear in their Scheduled calls list with the new call back time.

When the dialler dispositions a call

If the dialler applies an incomplete outcome to a failed call it will use the retry time of the call result.

When an agent dispositions a call

  • System outcome

    If the agent applies an incomplete system outcome the retry time for that outcome is used. For example, if the agent selects the 'Dead line' system outcome then the dead line retry time will be used.

  • Quick outcome

    If the agent applies an incomplete quick outcome to the call the retry time for the result of the call will be used. If the result is answered the default retry time will be used.

    Custom outcomes that are not set as quick outcomes will require the agent to schedule the call manually.

Configure the retry times of a queue

Each queue can have its own retry times. When a new queue is created they are set to default values. To edit the retry times of a queue navigate to Agents, Teams and Queues from the Configuration menu and select the Queues tab. Click the Options icon (gear) on the right-hand side of the queue you wish to manage, then select Edit. Switch to the Retry Times tab to view and edit the retry time settings.


Each retry time is set in minutes. The default retry time is 240 minutes (4 hours) for all retry times except for Answer machine and Abandon, which are set to 960 (16 hours) and 4320 minutes (24 hours) respectively. These values can be changed to any number of minutes greater than 60 (1 hour) except for Abandon. Ofcom rules only permit a retry time for abandoned of at least 24 hours.

Retry time


Default time

Minimum time

Retry / No answer This is the default retry time that is used for all calls. It is always used unless one of the other retry times is applicable or an agent schedules a call manually. 240 minutes 60 minutes
Busy / Engaged There was no answer because the line was busy. 240 minutes 60 minutes
Dead line A deadline was detected by the dialler or an agent selected the Deadline system outcome. 240 minutes 60 minutes
Answer Machine An answer machine was detected by the dialler or an agent selected the Answer Machine system outcome. 960 minutes 60 minutes
Abandon A call made by the dialler was abandoned. 4320 minutes 4320 minutes

When you have made your changes, click Update at the bottom of the page to save the new settings for the queue. Any errors will be highlighted in red at the top of the screen and you will be required to adjust the settings then click Update again. To discard any changes simply click Back to Queues, you will then be returned to the Queues tab.

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