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ContactNow: Add a Campaign
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ContactNow: Add a Campaign

When using the service for multiple products, creating a new campaign is a convenient way to keep the data organised. Each Campaign gets a separate set of database fields, datasets, queues, and outcome codes. Agents are shared across all.

You can add additional campaigns within Database Management by clicking Add Campaign located on the top-right corner of the page.


  • Name: Enter a campaign name.
  • Custom Field 1 Name: You can add custom fields by typing a field name in the box. (A new blank custom field will automatically appear underneath each custom field created.)
    • Agent Prompt: This is the name of the field when displayed to the agent. This can be different from the name of the actual field.
    • Input Type: This determines the type of field you are adding. Input types range from a simple text box to radio buttons plus date and time fields.
    • Hidden: Determines whether or not the field will be visible to the agent on the agent page.
    • Read Only: Defines whether agents will to be able to edit this field or just view its content.
    • Search on inbound: Allows agents to search for customer records based on information contained in this field.
    • Required: Determines whether an agent can disposition the call without the need to enter a value in this field.

Once you are satisfied with the Campaign name and any custom fields added, click Add to save your settings.

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