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ContactNow: Disable Numbers
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ContactNow: Disable Numbers

The Disable Numbers tool allows you to disable numbers that have already been uploaded from your live data. Typically this functionality is used when a customer has asked for their number to be removed from any databases a business may have.

Instead of manually searching for all occurrences of the number, simply enter the phone number into the tool and the system will itself check all datasets, complete the record and a DNC outcome will be applied.

You can disable a single number by typing it in the Phone Number field or disable a whole list of numbers by either browsing for the file you wish to upload or using the drag & drop feature. Once the number or list has been added, click Disable to start the check. If any matches are made, you will receive a green Success message at the top of the screen containing the total number of disabled records.

Disabling a number will not prevent it being re-uploaded as part of another dataset. To do this you will need to set up a DNC list.

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