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New German Regulations Requirements When Obtaining and Using a German Geographical Number
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New German Regulations Requirements When Obtaining and Using a German Geographical Number

NOTE: From Wednesday 22nd May, we will be collecting the date of birth for end users of German numbers. In-use numbers that have already been activated will not be affected, unless you choose to reassign them.


A change to Section 112 (external link) of the Telecommunications Act (TKG) in Germany means that operators are required to share end-user details in accordance with the Federal Network Agency. Included in Section 111 of the TKG is the need for the birth dates of end-users.

Applies To

This requirement applies to all German number types however it does not apply to business-registered end users. Furthermore, we will not be requesting validation of the date of birth via further documentation proof types.


We also would like to update you on the proof of address documentation we can accept in Germany.

8x8 is unable to accept utility bills as proof of address. The proofs are to be from official sources to be used to substantiate the end user has a legal presence at the location within Germany. Documents issued by a local authority (a government agency) such as proof of residence from the municipality or proof of business registration from the trade registry are more than acceptable.

Here are examples of what we are able to accept:

For individuals:

  • A valid, German government-issued ID Card that shows the address. We accept ages of 18 years and over.
  • Meldebescheinigung (A valid Registration Certificate)

For businesses:

  • Handelsregisterauszug (Commercial Register)
  • Bescheinigung der Gewerbeanzeige (Business Registration)


New regulation change on requirements for continued use and new requests for Geographical German numbers

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