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ContactNow: Force Logout an Agent
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ContactNow: Force Logout an Agent


To Force Logout an agent that is logged in.

Agents might not able to log in because they are presented with an error message that says they are already. You can check the Status page to view logged in agents, and Force log the agent in question if they appear here.

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  1. As an Admin, click Status on the Navigation bar.
  2. Click on an Agents name.
  3. Click the Actions tab.
  4. Click Force Logout.

This will log the agent out of the contact center. The agent will now be able to log back in as normal.


An agent that is being shown as already logged in may be due to the agent not logging out correctly the last time they used their account, or another agent has used their credentials to log in themselves.

Additional Information

Please see ContactNow: Agents are not being logged out automatically for more information.

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