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Use Click2Dial in Virtual Contact Center FAQ for outbound calls, while displaying a specific Channel Number as CLID
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Use Click2Dial in Virtual Contact Center FAQ for outbound calls, while displaying a specific Channel Number as CLID


  • When an agent uses a Click2Dial link from the Virtual Contact Center (VCC) FAQ to dial an outbound DID, the calling line ID (CLID) displayed is always the billing telephone number (BTN). This is true even if the agent profile CLID selected is a channel number other than the BTN.
  • When dialling outbound using FAQ, the Agent Status does not change to Busy.

Applies To

Virtual Contact Center, Click2Dial, FAQ


The desired parameters for a Click2Dial linked number can be forced by manually entering a script into the FAQ editing window.

This process requires all of the following components:

  • An outbound queue with assigned agents
  • A valid VCC Channel number
  • A destination phone number
  • A Dial Plan in the tenant (Dial plan ID)

To manually create a linked phone number with the required parameters in the VCC FAQ editor

  1. Gather the following required information.
    • Prefix: Dialing Prefix for destination number. (In North America, this will be 1.)
    • Phone_number: The destination phone number to be dialed.
    • Caller_id: A valid channel number in your tenant to display.
    • DialplanID: A valid dial plan ID. (Find plan IDs in Configuration Manager > Home > Dial Plans.)
    • QueueID: The outbound queue ID through which calls are routed. (Find the proper ID in Configuration Manager > Queue List > ID column.)
  2. With that information prepared, open the VCC FAQ editor (Console > Menu > FAQ > Add FAQ) and enter the following script in the desired location, using the appropriate values.

  3. Click Save.


When creating an FAQ featuring a Click2Dial link, using the auto-call-link button click.png in the VCC FAQ editor automatically results in a number that displays the BTN as the outgoing caller ID and does not assign the call to a queue.

Additional Information


In Editor, after saving.


  • If you are creating a list or directory of Click2Dial numbers, this script must be reproduced in its entirety for each individual phone number.
  • If you wish to edit the phone number later, the editor will display it as a normal hyperlink. You will have re-enter the script in its entirety with the amended values.
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