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How to Delete Emails from a VCC Queue
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How to Delete Emails from a VCC Queue


How to delete emails from a VCC Queue.

Applies To

  • Virtual Contact Center
  • Email Queues


Please Note: The below process permanently deletes emails from the queue.

  1. In Agent Console, set your status to Working Offline.
    • If your status is Available, Agent Console may offer you a new interaction before you can complete pulling email interactions from an email queue.
  2. Go to the Status tab in the Control Panel.
  3. Click Pull or click on the number of emails.

  4. In the list of queued emails, perform one of the following:
    • To remove individual email interactions from the queue, select one or more email messages.
    • To remove all email interactions in the list, select the check box in the column heading.
  5. Click Delete. Agent Console displays a delete confirmation dialog.
  6. In the dialog, click OK to permanently remove the selected email interactions from the queue.

Additional Information

You may be able to pull email interactions from an email queue, but not delete them.

Agents can delete emails only if their Virtual Contact Center administrator has configured their Agent Console account to allow deleting pending email interactions from a queue. If your Agent Console account does not have delete permissions, you are not able to see the Delete button or the check boxes to select emails.

Deleting a pulled email interaction from an email queue:

  • Permanently deletes the interaction from the queue
  • Does not delete the customer record associated with the email from the Local CRM
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