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VCC users can't pickup calls
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VCC users can't pickup calls


Users can't pick up calls when they try to respond VCC is putting them Working Offline and the call doesn't connect.

Applies To

Virtual Contact Center (VCC), all versions


  1. In VCC AGUI go to Menu > Profile.
  2. Check the Workplace Phone to see if it is correct.
  3. Click Make Verification Call, the phone should ring.
    image (1).png
    • If the phone doesn't ring, try modifying the phone number to international format.
      • For example, for a UK phone number add 0044 or +44 followed by the phone number, stripping the leading 0.
    • If the phone still doesn't ring when clicking Make Verification Call then investigate if the phone itself is working correctly.


Incorrect phone number entered in VCC profile.