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Retrieve Call recording process
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Retrieve Call recording process


To find a call recording, with a given a time and date.

Applies To

VCC Agent GUI for supervisors.


In order to retrieve call recording the following method will help you retrieve the correct call:

  1. Run a report to retrieve the call information for a period.

    For example, we are looking for calls taken for Joe Bloggs's on the example date 4/12/18 outbound going between 14:00 and 15:00.

    Select Report from the drop-down menu
  2. Select Detailed Transaction Activity Report and click next
  3. Select custom from date range and insert the start and end date to specify the period.
  4. Run the report by clicking Run, or Save and Run if you would like this report saved within the application.

    The report will open in the form of an excel spreadsheet. Select the Data Tab and the filter tab as per the picture below:
  5. Filter down to the agent name using the Agent (Username) column. This will now display all the calls for the agent.

    We are looking for outbound calls between 14:00 and 15:00

    We now have the call record and we need to make a note of the Transaction ID: 105106.
  6. From the VCC Agent GUI, click Menu and select Monitoring:
  7. Click on Advanced and insert the Transaction ID in the Transaction ID field:
  8. Click Search and the call recording will become available to listen to or download.

Note: in order to retrieve or listen to calls the user must be set as a supervisor and be enabled for the queues that they wish to monitor or listen to call recordings. This is carried out from Configuration Manager.


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