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Zendesk: Screen pop not working or slow loading times
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Zendesk: Screen pop not working or slow loading times

What is Screen Pop?

Screen pop occurs when an interaction is offered to the agent within the Zendesk dashboard. The Screen Pop applies to inbound transactions including phone, chat, and voicemail. If the search retrieves multiple records, the Screen Pop lists all matches in a table and displays the details of the first record. If the search fails to find matching records, it pops a new end user record.

Potential Issue

Screen Pop on an inbound interaction doesn’t work or has slow loading time.


Check for custom XML file

For this process, you will need to raise a case to VCC Ops asking them to confirm if the customer should have a custom XML file implemented.

The absence of this XML file can cause screen pops to malfunction and not operate correctly. VCC Ops is responsible for applying this file and making any changes.

Check interaction answer time

There have been reports of screen pops not working due to the interaction being answered instantly by the agent. The VCC and Zendesk integration decides on what information to display for the agent when an inbound interaction is offered. This process relies on a data interaction flow that needs a few seconds to initialise due to the data fetch involved. Leaving the inbound interaction ringing for 5+ seconds gives VCC enough time to process in the inbound caller information and communicate with Zendesk.

If you discover this is causing the issue it is important to review the customer interaction timeout on VCC and modify accordingly so it allows agents enough time to answer a call. If the customer raises concerns about the end caller having to listen to 5+ seconds of ring back before the call is answered then giving the option to enable the 'Enhanced Ringtone' feature through VCC Configuration Manager will resolve this issue. The end caller will then hear hold music until the interaction is accepted by the VCC agent.

Check user setup

An overloaded browser can be the cause of delayed/slow screen pops. The following can be checked:

  • Clear browser cache and cookies.
  • Update browser to latest version.
  • Check what type of extensions the user has enabled on their browser. These can sometimes factor slow load times within the browser itself.
  • Compare other browsers to the one that is being used when slow pops occur (Chrome and Firefox are recommended).
  • Ensure machine anti-virus is not affecting/slowing down Zendesk. Exceptions can be added to whitelist VCC/Zendesk.

Logging in as the user is a vital part of troubleshooting any integration issues, if the issue can be replicated on our end then we can be sure user setup and connectivity aren’t causing the issue. In this case, escalation to VCC Ops is needed.

Run traceroutes to VCC and Zendesk

This process will determine if there are any delays in the path that the packets take from the client machine to VCC/Zendesk, which can potentially cause slow loading times for screen pop feature.

  • VCC node: determined by looking at the URL in your browser once you log into the affected agent console.
    • For example,
  • Zendesk node: retrieved from the Zendesk login URL.
    • For example,

Results from the traceroute can be sent to VCC Ops for further investigation.

Escalating to VCC Ops

When escalating to VCC Ops it is best to provide them with as much information as possible.

For integration related issues screen recordings/videos showing the issue can assist VCC Ops in pinpointing where the problem is occurring. If using Windows 10 a built-in screen recorder can be accessed with Windows Key + G.

The following should be sent on the VCC Ops case:

  • Login credentials so they can log in as the customer if needed.
  • Screen recording of the issue including F12 developer tool capturing the console to see if there are any failures.
  • TID or case number from Zendesk, including the web request from the developer's console (this can help engineering teams if issue is escalated).
  • Ping and traceroute results to VCC/Zendesk from the client machine.


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