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What Are The VCC Email Settings?
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What Are The VCC Email Settings?

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Virtual Contact Center email settings.


In the VCC Configuration Manager the settings are the email address, the email account credentials, and email connection (POP3 or IMAP, etc.).

  1. Log into Virtual Contact Center Configuration Manager
  2. Select Channels, then Email tab
  3. Click ‘Add new email channel’
  4. Channel Name : this is the name you want displayed in VCC.
  5. Incoming Email Address : this is the email account you want VCC to retrieve the emails from.
  6. User ID : Username/user ID for the email account.
  7. Password : Password to get access to the email account.
  8. Retype Password : Password to get access to the email account.
  9. Incoming Mail Server : This is the email server for the email account.
  10. Protocol : This is the email protocol that the email server is using.
  11. Port : This is the port for the email server, it is automatically populated when you select the Protocol.
  12. Email Script : This is the VCC Script you want the emails to follow.
  13. Click Test, a ‘successful’ or ‘failed’ message will display.
  14. If successful, click Save
  15. If failed, correct the cause of the failure, and Test again.

You may need to have your network administrator allow or “authorize” communication with the 8x8 IP addresses for you location.

8x8 IP addresses by region:

Additional Information

For more details see the 8x8 Online documentation:

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