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How do I start an instant meeting?
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How do I start an instant meeting?


Creating an instant meeting in Virtual Office Desktop.

Applies To

  • Virtual Office Meetings


  1. In the Meetings tab, tap the Meet Now  icon to launch a Virtual Office meeting instantly.

Unlike meetings created under Meetings > Host Meeting, instant meetings do not show up in your list of meetings.

  1. Once you are in the Virtual Office meeting, tap the Participants  icon to open the list of participants.
  2. From the list of participants, tap Invite Participants to begin inviting Virtual Office contacts to the meeting event.
  3. Enter the name or email address of a participant; a list of search results appears as you type. Tap the desired participant to confirm, and repeat searching and selecting other participants to invite them.

If you are inviting a person who is not in your contact directory, you can enter their email address to invite them to a meeting.

  1. Once you have listed all the desired participants, tap the check mark  icon to send out invitations. Participants in your organization see their meeting invitations via chat message and email, and participants outside of your organization see their invitations via email only.


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