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What can I do with a meeting?
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What can I do with a meeting?

Applies To

  • Virtual Office Meetings


A meeting created in Virtual Office is reusable, but not scheduled at first; you can use a created meeting to schedule meeting events in your calendar. You can create any number of these reusable meetings for various purposes (One meeting can be used to meet with your team, another can be used to host one-on-one meetings, and so on), and you can edit and reuse any of them as needed under My Meetings in the Meetings  tab. The first time you try to create a meeting and view your hosted meetings, you see a brief introduction to Virtual Office Meetings.

To schedule a meeting event, you can add one of your meetings to a calendar event in your device’s native calendar app, and invite participants as usual.

Use case: Let’s say Lisa is going to host a meeting for the project she is in charge of.

  • As this is her first time hosting a larger meeting, she creates a new meeting and customizes the advanced settings to cater to a larger number of participants.
  • Lisa adds the meeting to her device calendar as an event.
  • From the calendar app, Lisa then:
    • Schedules the meeting time.
    • Invites the desired participants.
    • Adds the meeting agenda.
    • Puts additional finishing touches on her calendar event.

The scheduled event is sent out to all participants, with the relevant details attached. The meeting that Lisa tailored for larger events is stored for future use under Meetings > My Meetings.

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