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Issues with multiple call handling using headphone controls
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Issues with multiple call handling using headphone controls


When using a headset to control calls in Virtual Office Desktop (pressing the headset button to answer and hang up), after putting a call on hold to make another call, then hanging the second call up, the headset audio turns off. Meanwhile, the Virtual Office application has already reactivated the first call, so pressing the call control button to reactivate the headset also hangs that call up.

Applies To

Virtual Office Desktop


For best results, do not use your headset to control more than one Virtual Office call at a time. Otherwise, if a call is put on hold, to take a second call and that second call disconnects, the first call will also be disconnected.

Instead, if you are already on a call and need to transfer or handle another incoming call, use the VO Desktop application controls or your deskphone.


The cause is unknown.



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