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Why are local calls failing?
8x8 Support

Why are local calls failing?


Determining why when an extension is dialing a local number, the call is failing with a fast busy signal or Call Failed message in VOD or even with no error message.

Applies To

Virtual Office Desktop - all versions


  • In order to verify if the dialed number is a valid number try dialing it from an offnet (non 8x8) phone network
  • If you are using VOD Classic View switch to New Experience
  • Depending if the extension is provisioned in Account Manager or Virtual Office Configuration Manager:
    1. In Account Manager, navigate to Home > Phone System > Calling Options and locate the extension. 
    2. Under the Calling Option ensure that the correct Outbound Calling Country is selected.
    3. Under Outbound Calling Options ensure that the option selected is either Domestic or International.
    • If the issue persists under Outbound Calling Options the option selected is either try changing the option Domestic.
    • or International to a different value, save it and then change it to the correct value and save again the setting.
  • In Configuration Manager, navigate to Home > Users > Edit:
    1. Click Edit for the extension you would like to verify.
    2. Under External calling permission, check Calling Country to be correct. Check that the External calling plan is.
    3. Set either to International or with Domestic.