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How Do I Add My MS Outlook Contacts in Virtual Office?
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How Do I Add My MS Outlook Contacts in Virtual Office?

8x8 Virtual Office Desktop (VOD) includes the ability to import contacts from Microsoft Outlook on a Windows PC without the need to enter any additional configuration or login information. VOD will check every 15 minutes to sync contacts that have been edited, added, or deleted in Outlook.

Note: Contact integration in Virtual Office Desktop is only available to Account Manager users in Classic Mode.

Click here to learn more about importing contacts into Virtual Office.


  • Microsoft Outlook 2007, 2010, 2013
  • Virtual Office Desktop 3.8 or later
  • Windows 7 or later

The Mac version of VOD is currently not supported for this operation.

Note: You cannot import both Microsoft Exchange and Outlook contacts. In order to import Outlook contacts, you will have to ensure Exchange Personal and Company contacts are disabled in VOD (steps below).


  1. Run Microsoft Outlook and click the Contacts menu to ensure you have access to your Outlook contacts.
  2. In Virtual Office Desktop, click Virtual Office > Settings (or click the settings gear icon in the bottom left corner of the application).
  3. From the lefthand menu in Settings, click Contacts.
  4. Under Import Contacts, look at the Microsoft Exchange / Office 365 section. Ensure that both of the boxes for Company and Personal are unchecked (since you cannot import both Exchange and Outlook contacts).
  5. Under Outlook, click to check the Company and Personal boxes.
  6. Close Settings. (Your contacts configuration is automatically saved.)
  7. In the main application window, click the Contacts tab.
  8. Click All Contacts.
  9. To right of the search bar, click the filter icon to open a pulldown menu.
  10. Click to check the box next to Group Contacts. (If this is already done, skip to Step 11.)
  11. Select Collapse All.
  12. You should now see two new groups near the bottom of the contact groups list, Outlook Company and Outlook Personal, showing the number of contacts imported.

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