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How do I get device information and passwords?
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How do I get device information and passwords?

Note: To get device information and passwords in Virtual Office Configuration Manager, click here.

The following requires that your devices are activated, and that you have computer software capable of opening .csv spreadsheet files (such as Excel, LibreOffice Calc, Numbers, etc.).

You can download a .CSV spreadsheet file from Account Manager to see the following information for any activated Polycom or Cisco device on your account:

  • Device Model
  • MAC ID
  • MAC password - Required to access advanced settings and the device's web interface.

It also provides extensive additional information about each extension, such as the full direct dial number (DID), caller ID, voicemail password, and various usage permissions and restrictions.

To download detailed extension information

See also Account Manager Online Help.

  1. Log in to Account Manager.
  2. Click Phone System > View All Extensions.
  3. From the row of options above the table, click Download Extensions (csv).
  4. Choose to either Open or Save the .csv file. (Remember: You'll need software capable of handling a .csv spreadsheet file.)

The resulting spreadsheet will display detailed information for each extension on your account.

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