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How do I use Visual Voicemail?
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How do I use Visual Voicemail?

8x8's Visual Voicemail provides a secure landing page from which to check, listen to, and manage voicemails left for extensions, Ring Groups, and call queues. Visual Voicemail must be enabled for an extension, Ring Group, or call queue before notification emails will display a link to the landing page.

To enable Visual Voicemail for your own extension

  1. Log in to Virtual Office Online or Desktop application.
  2. Access the Settings window.
  3. Click My Services.
  4. In the Voicemail Settings box, select the Notification by email drop-down to open a pop-up window.
  5. In the pop-up window, select either:
    • Link & Attachment - Sends a link to your Visual Voicemail landing page along with an attachment of the voicemail recording in your notification email.
    • Link Only - Sends only a link to your Visual Voicemail landing page.
      download (15)-600x282.png
  6. When you are finished modifying settings, click Save at the bottom of the window.

To access your Visual Voicemail landing page

  1. In your voicemail notification email, click either Click to Listen or the To manage your voicemails click here link.
    download (16)-600x313.png
  2. Log in with your Virtual Office account credentials.
  3. From the landing page you can listen to and manage voicemails for your extension(s), Ring Group(s), and call queue(s), as applicable. One-click options include:
    • Play
    • Trash (Delete)
    • Download
    • Mark as read/unread
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