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How do I change my Auto Attendant greeting in Virtual Office Configuration Manager?
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How do I change my Auto Attendant greeting in Virtual Office Configuration Manager?

Note: To change your Auto Attendant greeting in Account Manager, the legacy version of Virtual Office Configuration Manager, click here.

In Virtual Office Configuration Manager, you can easily record greetings and menu options for callers. You can configure your IVR (Interactive Voice Response) options with a brand-new audio file greeting at any time. You can record and select greetings to play on specific holidays in advance.

This flexibility gives you the power to:

  • Let callers know that your office is closed for a holiday. (See this article to set up a holiday schedule for your Auto Attendant.)
  • Promote special sales and offers for callers to hear on selected dates, before the caller selects a menu option.
  • Prepare special IVR instructions for callers on specific dates, when you anticipate a high call volume.
Note: If you would like to have your greetings professionally recorded, please visit the 8x8 Audio Production Store. Once your greetings are ready, you can upload them to your Auto Attendant.

Access Holiday Greetings Setup

  1. Log in to VO Configuration Manager.
  2. Click Auto Attendants.
  3. Click More Options (three dots) to the right of the Auto Attendant that you wish to edit.
  4. If you have a holiday schedule set up, select it from the drop-down.
  5. Go to Call Handling Menus and select Holiday.
  6. Select one of the following:
    • Open Hours Menu
    • Closed Hours Menu
  7. Click Change to the right of the pre-existing audio file.
    CM- AA_Select Audio File-600x203-1.png
  8. Click + Create Audio Files.
  9. Upload or record a holiday-specific greeting.
    • Select By Uploading an Audio File to upload an existing audio file from your computer. (Continue below to Upload Greetings.)
    • Select By Calling a Number to Record to record a greeting through a call to your phone. (Continue below to Record a New Greeting.)
      CM- Record or Upload an Audio File-500x93.jpg

Upload Greetings

  1. Select By Uploading an Audio File.
    CM - Upload Initial Greeting-500x88.jpg
  2. Enter the Title of your recording.
  3. Click the center of your screen or drag an audio file to the Upload your Audio File window. Note: Audio files are limited to 5 MB and must be in an accepted file format: .au, .wav, and .mp3.
  4. Click Save.

Record a New Greeting

  1. Select By Calling a Number to Record.
    CM - Call to Record Initial Greeting-600x105.jpg
  2. Enter the Name of your recording and the Phone Number or Extension on which you wish to record your initial greeting.
  3. Click Call Now and follow the instructions on the call. 
  4. Click Save.

Test Your Holiday Greeting

  1. Click the tab of the menu you want to test (Holiday Open Hours Menu or Holiday Closed Hours Menu) under the Call Handling Menus section.
  2. Click Test Menu in the top right corner.
    CM- New Test Menu-549x174.png
  3. Enter a Phone Number or Extension.
  4. Click Test. You should receive a call to hear the greeting for your selected menu.