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How do I create Barge-Monitor-Whisper Groups in Virtual Office Configuration Manager?
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How do I create Barge-Monitor-Whisper Groups in Virtual Office Configuration Manager?

Note: To create a Barge Monitor Whisper group in Account Manager, the legacy version of Virtual Office Configuration Manager, click here.


Virtual Office Barge Service allows enabled Admin extensions to optionally monitor any active call in your 8x8 phone system; "whisper" exclusively to the extension user being monitored (without the other party hearing); and actively join the call, making it a three-way conference.

Individual extensions must be enabled for this service by an account administrator. Barge services are only available with Virtual Office Editions X6, X8, or X8e licenses. (Only extensions directly associated with a desk phone or softphone may be enabled for this service.)

To create a Barge-Monitor-Whisper Group in VO Configuration Manager

  1. Log in to VO Configuration Manager.
  2. Click Barge Monitor Whisper Groups.
  3. Click Create Barge Monitor Whisper Group.
    CM- BMW-600x50.jpg
  4. Enter the group Name.
  5. Select the Site to which you are assigning this group. Note: Your site must have at least one admin assigned a Virtual Office Editions X6, X8, or X8e license.
  6. Click the toggles to:
    • Play Monitor Tone: This plays a beep when the admin starts monitoring the call.
    • Enable a Required Password: This requires admins to provide a password before monitoring the call.
  7. Select the Group Admins. These are the users who can join and monitor the call.
  8. Click the + or x keys to add or delete admins in the group.
    CM- BMW Admins-324x269.jpg
  9. Search for Members by first name, last name, or email address. These extensions can be monitored or receive private messages while on a call.
  10. Click Save.

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