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How Do I Make Power Key Templates In Virtual Office Configuration Manager?
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How Do I Make Power Key Templates In Virtual Office Configuration Manager?


8x8 offers the ability to create templates for your power keys. This means that administrators have the ability to create a desired setup for power keys and then apply them to a wide number of users.

Before You Begin

  1. Log in to VO Configuration Manager.
  2. Click Users.
  3. Click More Options (three dots) to the right of the user for whom you wish to enable Power Keys.
  4. Select Edit.
    CM - Edit User Profile-2.jpg
  5. To the right of the device, select Line Key Configuration.
  6. Create the desired power keys setup using the instructions in this article

Saving Your Power Keys Template

Once you have your power keys set up in a fashion that will suit your needs, you can save them as template for others to use. 

  1. Click Save as template.
  2. On the next page, select an existing template to overwrite, or save a new template by providing a new name.
  3. Click Save or Overwrite this template depending on your choice in step 3. This completes the process.

Applying a Line Key Configuration from a Template

  1. Click Line Key Configuration.
  2. Click Import from template.
  3. Locate the template you want by scrolling through the list or using the search bar, and then click select.
  4. Click Save.
Note: If you update a saved template that has been applied to other users, the new version will not be automatically updated for those users. You will need to reapply the updated template to the users.

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