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Virtual Office for Bullhorn: Online Help Guide
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Virtual Office for Bullhorn: Online Help Guide

Virtual Office for Bullhorn

The 8x8 Virtual Office for Bullhorn integration allows Bullhorn users to access call features of their Virtual Office phone extension, as well as allowing them to create and save call records in Bullhorn.

Note that Virtual Office for Bullhorn is a service developed by 8x8, and does not rely on third-party services such as Tenfold.

Click on the following link to open the help document a new web browser tab.

Please note: Like all 8x8 Virtual Office phone integrations, the VO for Bullhorn integration is effectively a convenient control panel for your 8x8 Virtual Office phone extension.

It does not provide audio services. A hard phone or a softphone such as Virtual Office Desktop or Virtual Office Mobile is required to work in conjunction with the VO for Bullhorn integration.