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Virtual Office Salesforce Integration: Adding Users to a Call Center
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Virtual Office Salesforce Integration: Adding Users to a Call Center

A Salesforce call center with individual users added is required for the 8x8 Salesforce Integration dialer to appear for those users.

This process is also outlined in the public online product documentation Virtual Office for Salesforce Communication Panel for Administratorshere.

Note: Users cannot be entered into more than one call center at a time. If a user exists in a different call center, you must first either remove them or delete that call center to make the user available.

To add users to a call center in Salesforce

  1. Log in to Salesforce as the account administrator.
  2. Click Setup in the upper right corner of the Salesforce screen.
  3. In the far left Search field (beneath Home), search for Call Center and click the Call Centers link that appears.
  4. Click 8x8 Virtual Office Integration - Next Generation or Next Generation_Lightning.
Note: Do not click Edit for the call center at this time.


  1. Scroll down to Call Center Users and click Manage Call Center Users.
  2. Click Add More Users.
  3. Click Find to display a list of all available call center users.
  4. Select the users you wish to add, then click Add to Call Center.
  5. You will be returned to the Manage Users page, with added call center users displayed.
  6. Click Home to see the Sign In dialog for the 8x8 Virtual Office communication panel.
  7. Assuming sufficient Salesforce access rights are provided, any user added to the Call Center will now be able to simply click Home and use the new feature.
  8. You may now log in to any extension on your 8x8 service, as long as that extension has a user profile and password assigned, and the Virtual Office feature for that extension is enabled in Account Manager.


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