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Virtual Office for Salesforce Integration: Calls Display as Unknown
8x8 Support

Virtual Office for Salesforce Integration: Calls Display as Unknown


The 8x8 Virtual Office (VO) for Salesforce integration is designed to recognize inbound and outbound calls based on the called or calling phone number.

Occasionally an inbound or outbound calling phone number may not be recognized by the integration, showing Unknown instead of a name or object type.

Note: No call data can be stored for any call displayed as Unknown.


Applies To

Virtual Office for Salesforce Integration


Check the Dialer Settings

  1. For a called or calling phone number to be recognized, it must be stored in one or more of the following Salesforce object types: ContactsAccountsLeadsOpportunities, or Cases.
  2. If the phone number is confirmed as stored in a non-customized phone number field of one of the above object types, then navigate to the integration dialer's Settings (the gear icon), and Search Object Types, and make sure that all appropriate boxes are checked, and click Save. Note that Contacts cannot be unchecked.

  3. Person accounts are very rare, and are not supported by the 8x8 integration.


There are a few common causes for this issue:

  1. The called or calling phone number is not stored in any of the supported object types: ContactsAccountsLeadsOpportunities, or Cases.
  2. The object type associated with the called/calling phone number may not be selected for search in the 8x8 integration dialer Settings.
  3. The Salesforce user may have converted their Salesforce Contacts to Person accounts, which breaks the integration’s phone number search functionality.