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Cisco Linksys SPA122 ATA Adapter: No Dial Tone
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Cisco Linksys SPA122 ATA Adapter: No Dial Tone


With an analog phone plugged into an SPA122 ATA adapter, you do not hear a dial tone and appear to have no service.

Applies To

Cisco Linksys SPA122 ATA adapter


Verify Phone and Network Connections

The phone should be plugged into the PHONE 1 port.

The adapter should be connected to the network (router/switch) via the blue Internet port.

Check LED Lights

Verify that the first three LED lights on the adapter are all on and functioning properly:

  1. The first is the System/Power light. This should be a solid, steady green.
  2. The second is the Internet light. This should be flashing green.
  3. The third is the Phone 1 light. This should be
    • Steady green when the phone is hung up (on the hook).
    • Flashing green when the phone is in use (off the hook).


Most often, the phone or network is not properly connected to the adapter.

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