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How do I provision phones not provided by 8x8?
8x8 Support

How do I provision phones not provided by 8x8?

Note: Accommodation of devices not purchased from or originally provisioned for service by 8x8 is on a commercially reasonable effort basis. These devices are not guaranteed to be supported on 8x8 service.

Are you activating phones not provided by 8x8?

In order to work on the 8x8 service, these phones will need to:

  1. Be supported models on compatible firmware.
  2. Have a valid factory-installed device certificate.
  3. Have our server address programmed in so they can reach our servers.

Before you try to activate your phones on 8x8 service, click here to make sure the model and firmware are supported.

Once you have confirmed that your device is compatible with the 8x8 service, follow the guides below to configure it to use our service.

Note: The below guides are for phone system administrators. If you are not the person responsible for setting up and maintaining your company's 8x8 phone system, you may not be able to complete all of the steps below.

Activating Your Phones

Once you've completed service configuration, you can now activate each phone with the activation codes provided in your Account Manager:

  1. Log in to the 8x8 Application Panel at
  2. Click the icon for Virtual Office Account Mgr(Only available to authorized administrators.)
  3. If asked Which account would you like to manage? select Business, then click Sign In(Or skip if not asked.)
  4. From the top menu, click Phone System.
  5. Click View All Extensions to reach the Manage Extensions page.
  6. For each device you wish to activate, in the Actions column, click the Activate Device link.
  7. Note the Activation Code and follow the instructions in the pop-up.

If your equipment type does not match what is listed in Account Manager, or if you have any issues with phone activation, please raise a ticket with 8x8 Technical Support.