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Which devices support Power Keys?
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Which devices support Power Keys?

Which devices support Power Keys?

Below are the compatible devices that can be used with the Power Keys Service. With Power Keys Service, you can take full advantage of the spare line keys on your Polycom phones and additional line keys added via sidecars. Choose your plan based on the number of unused power keys you have available on your device(s).

Polycom Power Keys 2.png

Sidecar Power Keys.png


Note: Polycom VVX 1500 phones and conference phones cannot run Power Keys.**The Polycom VVX Sidecar 28 Key – Color has three virtual pages of 28 line keys for a total of 84 line keys per sidecar. With each purchase of PWR28 you can assign up to 10 LAK, and/or up to 28 BLF power. Any remaining keys of the 84 available line keys can be assigned as speed dial keys.

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