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How to change the background image on your Polycom Phone?
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How to change the background image on your Polycom Phone?


Applying background image to your Polycom phone screen

Applies To

Polycom Desk Phones


VVX 300 Series

  1. Navigate to Settings Basic Preferences.
  2. Select Background and select a background image.

VVX 400 Series +

  1. Find your phone’s IP address by navigating to Settings > Status Platform Phone.
  2. Enter your phone's IP address into the web browser on your computer.
  3. Select User and enter your assigned password or the default (456) password.admin login.PNG
  4. From the menu bar, select Preferences Background
    Background Option.png
  5. Click + Add a new background image.
    background select.PNG
  6. There are two methods in which this can be done.
    • PC/Desktop - Choose a file on your local PC
    • URL/File Name - Choose an image from a file path or URL that will be stored on the boot server permanently.


  1. Select Choose File

choose file.png

  1. From the opened window navigate to the chosen image and select Open
  2. Click Save.
  3. save.png

File Path

  1. Select Enter URL/File Name > Add your File Path to Phone Image > Add Enter URL.png

This option will allow you entering images from your local host server to your phones which will remain permanently.

  1. Click Save (Step 3 PC/Desktop)


  1. Copying an image from a web page, right click on the desired image and select copy image address.copy image.png
  2. Check the last part of URL if it's a JPEP, PNG or any other format if the URL does not appear at the end of the link with .jpeg or .png or any of the formats you will manually need to download the image and upload it to the system.
Be aware of the copyright images online. We do not take responsibilities for any copyright images.
  1. Click Save (Step 3 PC/Desktop)
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