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How to import contacts to the Polycom desk phone
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How to import contacts to the Polycom desk phone


How to import 8x8 contacts to the Polycom desk phone

Applies To

Polycom desk phones


 1. Press the Home button on the Polycom device 

 2. Go to Directories -> Ok 

 3. Select  : Recent Calls 

 4. Out of this list -> Please highlight a random  entry of the CALL LIST -> Press INFO -> SAVE

 5.  Save again


You have now added the contact to the phone contact directory section.

Select HOME again -> Go to Directories  -> Contact Directory -> Observe the newly added contact.

As well, the contacts will be displayed in the main page of the Polycom phone.


Additional Information

As a side note we encourage you to use Virtual Office Desktop or Virtual Office Mobile when it comes to Importing your third-party contacts [ see How do I import contacts in Virtual Office ], however when it comes to the physical Polycom devices, you will have to use this manual workflow in order to address this item.

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