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Polycom IP Phones Provisioning Guide (UC 4.0)
8x8 Support

Polycom IP Phones Provisioning Guide (UC 4.0)

All Polycom IP phones that 8x8 Virtual Office supports—and any phone that is purchased from a third party and not from 8x8—will need to be factory reset and provisioned first before working with 8x8 Virtual Office.

8x8 supports only the Polycom phone models listed here (valid factory-installed device certificate required). If you are not sure which model phone you have, please turn it over. The model number is listed on the label on the bottom of your phone.
Accommodation of devices not purchased from and originally provisioned for service by 8x8 is best-effort. These devices are not guaranteed to be supported on 8x8 service. 

General provisioning Steps (Web GUI)

For third-party (non-8x8) phones, follow the customer guide Reusing Polycom Phones With 8x8 Service.

  1. Check for a valid device certificate. This is required before a phone can be provisioned for 8x8 service.
  2. Log in to phone's web GUI using.
  3. Click Settings > Provisioning Server.
  4. Set Server Type to HTTPS.
  5. For Server Address, enter:


  6. Click Save. Phone will restart, and should now be ready to activate.

Troubleshooting Provisioning/Activation Issues

If a new phone is missing the onscreen Activate button or is otherwise unable to activate as normal:

  1. Check that the device has the proper Server Config address and type:
    • Server type: HTTPS
    • Server Address:
      • non-UC4.0+:
      • UC4.0+:
  2. Check for the correct Time server SNTP Address:
  3. Change Boot Server to Static.
  4. Reboot the device, at which point, it should prompt for activation.
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