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Upgrade or Downgrade firmware version of Polycom Phones using Web GUI
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Upgrade or Downgrade firmware version of Polycom Phones using Web GUI


To upgrade/downgrade firmware versions of Polycom phones using the Web GUI

Applies To

  • Polycom VVX Models (IP Phones)
  • Polycom IP Soundpoints (Conference Phones)


Checking Available Firmware

  1. Check the firmware version of the phone 
    • Home Button > Settings > Status > Platform > Application > Main > Version
  2. Please contact 8x8 Support to find out what is the latest firmware version that we support on the Polycom Phones

How to Upgrade/Downgrade

Upgrading or downgrading can be done using Web GUI, follow the below steps in order to achieve this.

  1. Make sure the phone and computer are connected to the same network.
  2. Get the IP address of the phone
    • Home Button > Settings > Status > Network > TCP/IP Parameters > IP/IPV4
  3. Open up a web browser and type https://<IP Address> 
  4. Click advanced at the bottom of the page , Proceed to <IP Address>
  5. You should land on the below page


  1. Select Admin and enter the admin password (MAC PAssword) and log in
  2. Navigate to Utilities > Software Upgrade> Check for updates (this will populate all the available software /firmware versions)
  3. You will find the list in the dropdown on Software available at Polycom hosted server


  1. Select the required version and then install.
  2. Click yes for the confirmation to apply the changes.
  3. The phone would initiate rebooting once or twice.
  4. Check the firmware version on the phone to confirm it has upgraded/downgraded

Additional Information

The devices should have the right firmware version to enable proper functioning of the phone. Older firmware version may come across issues.

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