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Creating Contacts for Support Community via Virtual Office Configuration Manager
8x8 Support

Creating Contacts for Support Community via Virtual Office Configuration Manager


To create contacts for Support Community who can then raise cases.

Applies To

VO/VCC Customers via Virtual Office Configuration Manager


  1. Log into Virtual Office Configuration Manager.
  2. Click Users.
  3. Click Create User near the top right corner of the page.
  4. Fill in all the relevant and mandatory information for the new user and click Save.
    At this point you can also set up any of their services that they will require, ie VO/VCC licenses.
  5. Once the user has been created, go back to the main Users page and locate the newly created user. Click on the three dots beside their name and select Reset user password.
    The user will receive an email to re/set their password. This will allow them to log into SSO where they can go into their assigned panels such as VCC Agent, VO Online etc. There will also be an option to select Support.
  6. If the user selects Support, this will take them to 8x8 Support

    User just needs to select a location, ie US, UK etc. Once the user has, they will see a new page which will also have an option near the top right to Get Support.
  7. After clicking Get Support, the user will have a new browser window open which will take them to their SupportCommunity Portal where they can then go ahead and create a case, view or export cases. 

Additional Information

The user can also access SupportCommunity via the direct link:

The user's email address within Configuration Manager must also be unique in order for them to access the SupportCommunity Portal.