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999 Test calls
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999 Test calls


To set up a 999 or 911 Test call via BT

Applies To

  • Applies to VCC and VO


[Please find below all information required to arrange 999/112 test calls:]

  1.  48 working hours’ notice is required to book test appointments, although there may be some exceptions for late notice.
  2.  Number of calls to be made – it is usually recommended that a minimum of 3 calls are made, 2 to 999 and 1 to 112.
  3. The date, day and time for the test calls. The usual test windows are Monday to Friday 09.00 to 16.00, any 2 hour slot between these times.  Where possible BT try and avoid Saturday, Sunday or Bank Holidays.  However, by exception testing can be arranged outside of these windows but consideration has to be given to other events or timings e.g. expected busy times.
  4. Test caller’s initials must be provided by the requester and the Registered address of where the calls will be made from.
  5. The CLI that test calls will be made from.
  6. All test calls are made into the live service so BT will send a test script which should be followed when making the calls.  999 operators are used to dealing with test calls and the script helps everything go smoothly. 
  7. Once the above information has been collected, send an email to 
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