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ContactNow: How to Monitor Live Calls
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ContactNow: How to Monitor Live Calls


Listen to an agent on a live call.

Applies To

ContactNow Administrators and Supervisors


Before you begin, make sure that these requirements are met:

  • Supervisors must have call monitoring enabled for them by an administrator. For configuration instructions, click here.
  • Administrators and supervisors must be assigned to a call queue to log into the dialer. It can be the same call queue that the agent is logged into, but this isn't required.


To begin monitoring agent calls:

  1. Log in to the ContactNow web browser interface.
  2. Connect to the dialer. This is required for call monitoring.
  3. Click on the Status icon  CN_Status_Icon.jpg  to open the Status page.
  4. Click on the name of the agent you will monitor. The agent must be on an live call, normally with status: Call.


  1. Click on the Actions menu, then click Monitor Agent to begin listening to the agent's call.


  1. To stop monitoring the agent's call, click Stop Listening.



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