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ContactNow: How to upload/create a hangup audio message (voicemail drop)
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ContactNow: How to upload/create a hangup audio message (voicemail drop)


Import a file or create a hangup audio file to play to leave a voicemail. 

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If uploading an existing file, an admin can import from the Data icon. 

1. Click on Data icon then select Import under Dataset Management

2. Select audio and then Upload File.

3. Upload file from desktop. 

If a file needs to be created, an audio file needs to be saved through an audio message from an existing queue. (Note: this procedure is just a way of saving the audio, you will not use this file in the configuration of the queue thus, any queue can be used)

1. From any queue, click on the Audio Messages tab. 

2. Use any of the options (i.e. Welcome, Intro Intro Position etc.) and utilize the Text to Speech option to create an audio message.

3. Name the file by entering content in the File Name box. Notate the original setting of the audio option. 

4. Save the queue changes. This allows the file to be saved as an audio file.

5. Set the audio back to the original setting of the audio option. 


After files have been saved and or imported, click on the Configuration (gear) icon. Select System Setup under System.

From the Agent features tab, enable Play Audio & Hang Up. 

Select all Hangup Audios from the dropdown. 


When connected to a voicemail greeting, select the desired Hangup Message then click on Hang up after prompted to leave a message. It is important to listen to the whole voicemail greeting. If the agent clicks on Hang up before the voicemail greeting is over, hangup message will be cut off. 



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