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ContactNow: Connect to the Dialer with Agent on Demand (AOD)
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ContactNow: Connect to the Dialer with Agent on Demand (AOD)

Agent on Demand allows you to log in to ContactNow from any external number or internal PBX.

Once you are logged in using Agent On Demand, your login call will hang up. The ContactNow system will call that phone when an inbound call is received or when an outbound call is manually placed through the agent interface. You are able to log into the system with four simple steps which are displayed on the Phone.

When receiving an inbound call via Agent on Demand, your phone will ring and you are able to answer the call like a regular phone call.

When making a manual outbound call, Agent on Demand will call your phone, which must be answered to establish a connection. Answering this AOD call to your phone will then automatically initiate the outbound call to the intended recipient.

Note: The Agent on Demand (AOD) feature disables automated outbound dialing from datasets uploaded in the system, so progressive and predictive dialing are not options while using AOD.

To use AOD, on the dialer screen click On Demand then click Connect.


On the phone, dial the AOD login phone number provided on screen, which for the US service is 669-245-4253.

Enter the Agent number followed by the # key.

Enter the Passcode followed by the # key.

Once the correct details have been entered, you will hear "Agent Logged In" which means you have successfully logged in and you will now be placed on Idle status. The call will hang up automatically. When a call is made or received the phone used for login will now ring.

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