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Call Disconnects When Agent Goes Available
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Call Disconnects When Agent Goes Available


  1. Inbound call goes to AgentA.
  2. AgentA is not able to take the call.
  3. The call goes to AgentB, and AgentA status automatically changes to 'Idle'.
  4. AgentB is talking with the caller.
  5. AgentA changes to 'Available', AgentB and the caller are disconnected.

Applies To

ContactNow with AOD used with Virtual Office phones.


Make the Virtual Office phone Call Forwarding time at least 10 seconds longer that the ContactNow 'AOD Ring Time'.

AOD Ring Time

  1. Log into ContactNow as the administrator.
  2. Select Configuration > Agents, Teams and Queues.
  3. Select Queues tab.
  4. For the Inbound queue, click the Edit icon.
  5. The page should change to the inbound queue settings page.
  6. Select Settings tab.
  7. 'AOD Ring Time' is the seventh from the top. 

VO Phone Call Forwarding

  1. Log into 8x8 Configuration Manager (sometimes called VO Configuration Manager).
  2. Click Users.
  3. Click the edit icon for a user [looks like a pencil].
  4. Scroll down to "Call forwarding rules", click 'v' to expand the section.
  5. "When user does not answer the call within 20 seconds" is the third one down.


  • The Virtual Office phone has a Call Forwarding rule: Forward to the other agents "When user does not answer within 20 seconds."
  • And ContactNow has 'AOD Ring Time' set to 30 seconds.

If the ContactNow AgentA does not answer within 20 seconds, the VO phone will forward the call to AgentB via the VO phone system.  ContactNow does not know that the VO system has forwarded the call and thinks the AgentA answered the call.

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