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Platform Switch Procedure
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Platform Switch Procedure


Procedure for Platform Switches

Applies To

Virtual Contact Center Services


Each Contactual call center tenant is hosted on both a primary platform and a backup platform. Sometimes maintenance may be needed on the primary platform, and the tenant may need to be moved temporarily to the backup platform, using a platform switch.

When a platform switch is performed, all new calls and logins are pointed to the other platform. All calls and chats that were received on the pre-switch platform must be processed on that platform. Then, agents must log off and log back on to become active on the post-switch platform.

For example, the tenant testco has been on primary platform P9, and agent John is logged in, on a call, with 1 call in the queue, when he receives a notification that a platform switch is being performed. John finishes the call he is on, accepts the last call in the queue, finishes that call, logs out, and logs back in. When he logs back in, he will be on backup platform P10, and will be able to process all new calls on that platform.

Any emails and voicemails that were waiting on the pre-switch platform will be waiting on the new platform shortly after the switch. However, this does not happen instantly - it can take 5 to 10 minutes in some cases. Do not panic if they aren't immediately visible.

Depending on the situation, some platform switches will be very short-term - tenants may be switched back within an hour. Wherever possible, switches are performed during the night Pacific time, when most schedules are closed. Normally, tenants are switched back to their original platform within 24 hours unless the switch is performed to upgrade the version that the tenant is running.