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Bria 4: Signal 11 (Segmentation Fault) Error on Mac High Sierra
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Bria 4: Signal 11 (Segmentation Fault) Error on Mac High Sierra


When attempting to activate the Bria 4 softphone client as provided by 8x8 on a Mac computer with the High Sierra operating system update, user encounters the error message Signal 11 (Segmentation Fault). Activation cannot be completed.

Applies To

Bria 4


Users on High Sierra will need to upgrade to Bria 5.

Unfortunately, at this time, only a limited number of licenses for Bria 5 are available from 8x8. To procure a Bria 5 license, agents should send an email request to (do not share this email with customers).


Bria 4 is not compatible with high Sierra. Per CounterPath, the maker of the Bria software:

"Bria 4 was replaced by Bria 5 on June 22 of 2017, and several months later in late September Apple released High Sierra, which made significant changes that cause Bria 4 to no longer launch. It is not possible for Bria 4 to be modified to run on High Sierra.  Bria 5, being a newer product, was able to be modified and has been updated to be supported by High Sierra."


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