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What is new in Virtual Office Meetings 2.0?
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What is new in Virtual Office Meetings 2.0?

What is new in Virtual Office Meetings 2.0?

New capabilities include:

  • Reliable and resilient HD video quality: With up to HD 1080p video on laptops or desktop computers and up to HD 720p video on mobile devices, and HD audio; 8x8 delivers high resolution and fidelity with incredibly low latency, even over the public internet and wireless networks. (Note: HD video requires a subscription.)
  • Secure media and video: To prevent unwanted third parties from intercepting content, Virtual Office Meetings provides TLS to encrypt the XMPP connection for content sharing and Instant Messaging and SRTP to secure audio and video conferencing.
  • Joining meeting audio: Join the meeting audio using your computer’s audio system or any phone number you enter.
  • Mobile collaboration: The ability to join, schedule, and screen share content via Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, or iCloud.
  • Content sharing open to all: Ideal for collaborative teams, the new Virtual Office Meetings offers content sharing privileges to all meeting participants by default. The meeting host reserves the right to prevent a participant from sharing content.
    • What can you share? You can share your desktop or an application, or brainstorm ideas with a virtual whiteboard.
  • Seamless, instant collaboration: Users have the ability to bring additional participants directly into a meeting that is in process using their preferred method of communication including IM, email, or voice. Previously, inviting participants was a host-only privilege. The new meeting allows participants to invite other participants and share content. Hosts can disable this capability in Advanced Settings while scheduling a meeting.
  • Start a meeting instantly: Go to Meetings and click Meet Now to launch a meeting instantly. Invite participants on the go. You can also start a meeting quickly via IM. Any user can start the meeting.
  • Enhanced plug-in for Microsoft Outlook and (coming soon!) a new plug-in with Google Calendar for easy, one-click meeting scheduling.
  • Simplified meeting roles and privileges: 
    • Host—Creates meetings. Exclusive privileges include muting participants, blocking participants from content sharing, and recording meeting audio (in addition to participant privileges below).
    • Participant—Invited to meetings. Both participants and hosts can start a meeting, share content, and invite other participants.
  • Say goodbye to selecting dial-in numbers manually: All dial-in numbers available for the user or company are automatically included in the email invitation. Participants have the flexibility to choose a local dial-in number based on their geographical location.
  • Increased scalability: Eight active video participants per virtual meeting vs. six in the previous version.
  • Comprehensive meeting history: The meeting host is given full access to meeting history, including meeting chat history and audio recordings, all unified and accessible via Virtual Office desktop call logs.

Differences between Virtual Meetings 1.x and Virtual Office Meetings 2.0

The new 8x8 Virtual Office Meetings has gotten a significant facelift, and includes enhanced features and functionality compared to Virtual Meeting 1.x.

Extension Service Requirements

  • Virtual Office Pro subscription (includes call recording and Internet fax)


  • Virtual Office Meetings HD video subscription for up to 8 participants (NEW)
  • 50-seat license to allow up to 50 meeting participants on audio and web only (Standard is 15)

Interface Differences

The new Virtual Office Meetings user interface breaks free from the single-window experience of the past. The meeting controls show up at the top of your computer screen. You can move the control panel as desired.




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