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Agents Can't Log In or Out of Call Queues in Virtual Office Desktop New Experience
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Agents Can't Log In or Out of Call Queues in Virtual Office Desktop New Experience


Some Virtual Office Desktop users in the New Experience view are unable to log in and out of call queues.

Applies To

Virtual Office Desktop v 5.2


The workaround for this issue is to create two new personal contacts in Virtual Office Desktop (VOD) that will allow the user to log in and out of call queues. Note: This process will only work for users in Call Using Computer mode.

  1. In Virtual Office Desktop, click Contacts.
  2. Click My Contacts.
  3. Click Add Contact (blue circle) then click Add New Contact.
  4. Add a personal contact named - Log In Call Queues with the phone number 557,,1.
  5. Click Save.
  6. To the right of the new contact, click More Options (three dots).
  7. Click Contact Info.
  8. On the Contact Info page, click the star to add this contact as a Favorite.
  9. Repeat Step 1 to 8 to add a contact to log out of call queues.
    • Name: - Log Out Call Queues
    • Phone Number: 557,,3

Now users can quickly click on a favorite to log in or out of their call queues. Note: These shortcuts will log users in and out of all call queues at once.


This is current limitation of Virtual Office Desktop.

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