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How to Block External Calls and Allow Internal Calls only?
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How to Block External Calls and Allow Internal Calls only?


To block all external calls and allow internal calls only. This is commonly use for test or laboratory phones where all external calls should be restricted.

Applying the blocking rule using Advance Call Forwarding Rule.

1. Log in to Virtual Office Desktop.

2. In Virtual Office Desktop, Click on the three dots then go to Settings.

VO2 (2).PNG

3. Under Settings, go to Account Settings.

VO2 (1).PNG

4. Go to Call Forwarding, and click on +Add New Rule.


5. Create a rule to Allow Internal Calls

  • Under Call From, Choose "Or any of the phone numbers listed below".
  • Enter the extensions that can call this line, then click Add.
  • Press OK to apply the rule.

Allow Internal Calls2.PNG

6. Create another rule for Blocking External Calls.

  • click on +Add New Rule.
  • Choose "Anyone", then go to "Forward to" and choose "Drop Call (Caller will hear busy signal)"

See to the images below for reference.

Block External Calls.PNG

Block External Calls2.PNG

By now, you should have two(2) active rules for both Allowing Internal Calls and Blocking External Calls. Hit Save to apply both advance call forwarding rule




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